Meet our Pastor
Matthew Wyatt-Lead Pastor

Pastor Matthew Wyatt and his wife Krystal went to visit South Padre Island after multiple vacations were cancelled due to COVID-19. They both feel this was God ordained as they immediately felt a need to share the message of Jesus to those on the Island. After wrestling with God and praying as a family, they made a decision to leave their comfort behind and pursue God’s calling of planting a church in a community that they knew nothing about. As God commanded them to go they said yes to the person of Jesus and not the plan. They know that Jesus has put a life of mission on their hearts and they enthusiastically follow Jesus as He reveals the path while they follow in obedience.

Matthew has a passion to see the “least of these” brought to the feet of Jesus.  With 11 years in ministry, he enjoys speaking at prisons, churches, and campuses, and seeing the change that can be made in people as he shares God’s story of revival in his life.  Matthew loves all things Jesus and the Seattle Seahawks.

Krystal is a passionate follower and lover of Christ and enjoys leading the young generation around her to become stronger disciples of Jesus. She leads with joy, all while seeing the best in others. Matthew and Krystal have been married for 20 years, and have a passion to win people to Jesus. Their greatest blessing in life is their daughter Mikaila who lives in California.

Their family motto is “There is no one too broken for the grace and love of our Savior”.  Those that society looks on as the outcast, worthless, broken, and troubled are just the type of people that the Wyatt family runs after.  Jesus first, everything else second.